General technical description of the tests

The standard models of our tests consist of a 0,05 mm lead foil between two transparent acrylic glass tops. At special request the tests can be manufactured with lead foil thickness of 0,02/0,03/0,04/0,05/0,08 and 0,1 mm (other thicknesses at request). The thickness of the basic plate is 1 mm (2 mm with tests > 140 mm external dimensions), the covering plate is 1 mm thick.


The local frequencies are indicated in "LP/mm" or "LP/cm". One "LP" consists of one positive and one negative line (bar b, or gap L) each of same breadth. The limit of a producable local frequency is given by the shaft proportion r =b/d≤1, which means, it depends on the chosen thickness of the x-ray absorbing material.

If the local frequencies cannot be marked by engraving (because of lack of space) the corresponding tests will be equipped with a diagram.

Further details are to be taken from the tabular description of the tests.


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